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I continue to enjoy and appreciate listening to the recordings of the Divine Liturgy.  I listen to it almost every night and find it to be comforting and spiritually soothing.  The one in August really struck me as I had not before heard the Beatitudes nor the Creed sung/chanted.
Pass along my thanks to those responsible.
God bless you and your flock!
Thank you for posting the Vigil of the Dormition.  These online services are my salvation.  It has been a year now that I am able to only attend Sunday Divine Liturgy at a small Greek/OCA mission. There are no feast day celebrations.  Fr. Peter is wonderful and the community is as well, but it is such a superficial existence. 
It is the stichera verses of the Feast days which bring us the rythem of the year and being able to listen, sing and pray with my Holy Trinity family is a huge huge blessing.
"In giving birth you preserved your Virginity....in falling asleep you did not forsake the world O Theotokos....."
thank you for this ministry,

Thank you again and again for your ministry of sharing the services online with those of us who cannot be there physically.  The rythem of the liturgical year becomes so much a part of us that it is actually painful to be away from it. 

When they told me I was going to be blind a few years ago, I thought to myself...OK...I can deal with that.  I would rather lose my sight than my hearing because I could still hear and join in the praises and supplications. 

Thank you so much for posting the Pre-sanctified Liturgy!  It's like manna from heaven helping me to survive in the Orthodox wilderness of Georgia.
It is a great blessing to have all these resources.  There are still good things in this world if we look for them.
Thank you to all who are involved in this ministry.


Congratulations to the parish of Holy Trinity with the new and updated website! What a wonderful window into the life of your parish and what a great door to enter for those who are non-orthodox.  I am in the midst of listening to Fr. Vladimir’s sermon on the blessings of homes and definitely changing my mind on my previous decision to probably skip the house blessing this year.  Very persuasive Father : ).   I always enjoyed reading Father’s articles on the OCA page. They always reminded me of short parables that leave you pondering.  Now we have a chance to enjoy both Father’s writing and his sermons via the website.  Both of these tools are seeds of blessing to those that understand the power of written or spoken word. Peace!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How nice it was to listen to Father's sermon from last Sunday on the web site. Thank you so much for offering this to those of us that no longer live nearby. Thank you.  Carolyn K.

* * * * * * * *

“I listened to the divine liturgy from Holy Trinity in Parma tonight (Tues Evening) at the internet site - specifically skipped to Fr's sermon about 1/3 into the audio.  It is really, really good sermon. I always thought about the sin of wasting one's "talent" or gift in life.  It is so nice to be able to listen to the liturgies and sermons. I was the first to rate it on the internet - gave it 5 stars.”

* * * * * * * * *

Here I am at 5:00 a.m. hearing your wonderful homily about blessing homes.  This is such a beautiful way to begin my day as opposed to watching the local news on TV.
The beautiful melodies singing praises to our God are like a warm blanket on a cold morning.
thank you again for this ministry
Joanna  (Savannah, Georgia)
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